Defense, Rescue, and Anti-terrorist Global Operations Network
DRAGON was formed in 2008 by Chen Li, entrepreneur, martial arts master, and a clone
of the late actor Bruce Lee. For several years Chen lived life as a freelance adventurer
but wanted to make more of a difference. When on a case he met Sylvia Zersi, an
Ultiman from Ultima Thule, who befriended him and gave him the idea of forming an
organization aimed at reactive and proactive peacekeeping, working outside the bounds
of any specific government.
Using the nickname given his genetic “brother” Bruce Lee, he came up with the
acronym D.R.A.G.O.N.: the Defense, Rescue, and Anti-terrorist Global Operations
Network. Officially, DRAGON is a private security firm, but in reality it is much more.
Using his contacts in both the intelligence and law-enforcement communities, Chen is able
to work within and outside the law while still maintaining a certain level of anonymty.
DRAGON is broken up into three divisions: DRAGON Force, DRAGON Ops, and the Danse Macabre. DRAGON
Force is the more public face consisting of a superhero group and hired bodyguards. The
superheroes are generally young and less well known than more famous super teams.
The bodyguards are culled from various law enforcement organizations. DRAGON Ops is
the more covert arm of DRAGON. It consists of superhumans with more subtle powers
and covert ops experience as well as ex-intelligence operatives and ex-military spec ops. The Danse Macabre is a specialized branch of DRAGON which handles supernatural and magical problems.
DRAGON Ops and the Danse Macabre are based out of Falconcrest City and DRAGON Force is based in Emerald City.
Named members of DRAGON
*Red Dragon (Chen Lee)-Chief Executive Officer
*Black Dragon (Sylvia Zersi)- Chief Financial Officer, Vice President
*Aiden Alexander-Mystic
*Argent-Cosmic Being
*Captain Power (James Power)-Wearer of the Power Helm
*Cobalt (Alex Grant)-Battle-suit, Chief Technologist
*Dark Star (Miranda Collins)-Paragon
*Deadeye (Max Powers)-Blaster
*Donar-Lord of Thunder
*Mazingos-Alien Starship Avatar
*Paragon Prime (Daligon Prime)-Alien Powerhouse
*Power Lord (Vance Power)-Wielder of the Power Bands
*Princess Power (Princess Ruby)-Extra-dimensional Strong-woman
*Stellar (Robyn Hawking)-Photon Powered Paragon
*The Hammer-Hammer Wielding Knight
*The Streak-Naked Speedster
*Warrior Man-Strongarm
*Agent 99 (Linda Starling)-Forensic Expert
*Berserker (Sam Gargon)-Living Weapon
*Black Spectre (Tony Manelli)-Battle-suit Alien Weapon Wielder
*Dark Diamond (Sydney McAllister)-Infiltration and Acquisition Specialist
*Dark Tiger (Kyla Reece)-Living Weapon
*Delphi (Lacey Alexander)-Operations Coordinator
*Fletcher (Alec Masters)-Archer
*Lucretia-Extra-dimensional Warrior Princess
*Malfunction- Gadgeteer
*Natalia Komorov-Super Spy
*Nick Helsing-Director of Covert Ops
*Patriot (Jack Simmons)-Super-Soldier and Field Commander
*Sentinel (Simon Derringer)-Shield-Slinging Super Soldier
*Shadow Warrior (Samantha Simmons)-Super Ninja
*The Thinker (Harvey Cosgrove)-Hardened Investigator
*Tiger Lily (Li Liu)-Martial Atrs Expert
Danse Macabre
*Amphibius-Heroic Deep One
*Davia-Demon Hunter
*Hotty (Linsey Sherwood)-Pyro-kinetic
*Moonstar (Dr. Therric Wunderkind)-Mage Killer
*Red Devil (Malagarrd)-Heroic Demon
*Rogziel-Angel of Wrath
*Selena Kane-Demon Hunter
*Shadow Blade-Vampire Hunter
*The Sinner-Telekinetic
*White Witch (Damantha DeMaurier)-Extra-dimensional Witch and Field Leader


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