Extra-dimensional Nihilist


His origin is spoken of only in whispers through the cosmos, and it’s
truth is long-shrouded by the mists of time. He was once a mortal being- a
scientist studying the nature of the universe-but he delved too deeply
into things that mortal beings were not meant to know. He unleashed a
catastrophe that destroyed his world and his entire universe, but he
strangely survived and was thrust into the void beyond the multiverse-
the Terminus. His ill-fated experiments may have created the Terminus, or
they may have merely unleashed it’s power, which now spreads like a cancer
throughout the continuum of the multiverse. The truth may never be
known, since that mortal is long dead and in his place stands Omega, Lord of
the Terminus.

Omega has ruled over his domain for as long as any race can remember
and his goal has always been the same: Expand the Terminus and it’s power
until it engulfs all that is. Omega’s and the Terminus’ power are checked by
the barriers separating the dimensions of reality. As a result, the forces
of entropy can only nibble at multiversal reality, chipping away bits and
pieces here and there and drawing them into the Terminus, where they
become part of the cosmic flotsam that makes up Omega’s domain.

On occasion, inhabitants within other dimensions discover the Terminus
to their sorrow, since portals into the Terminus allow Omega’s forces to
conquer or destroy the worlds that connect to said portals. One such
world was the birthplace of the Centurion; the infant who would become
Earth’s greatest hero was flung across the dimensions and through the Terminus
to Earth before Omega destroyed the planet. In time, Omega invaded Earth
as well, uniting the heroes of Freedom City against him. Earth has only
barely managed to repel Omega each time, and his last invasion did
considerable damage to Freedom City and resulted in the death of the


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