Angel of Wrath - Danse Macabre


Rogziel, the Angel of Wrath, is one of the Seven Angels of Punishment, who serve the five Archangels of Punishment. He served in this capacity for eons, meting out God’s Justice. With the arrival of the savior, God no longer needed his Angels to perform his duties on Earth, so Rogziel became a follower of the Cheribum Archangel Sacheil. After serving the Cherub for centuries, Rogziel was needed as the Angel of Wrath once again. Demons began to exert influence on the earthly plane and the Wrath of God answered the call! However, when he came to Earth, he was made mortal and his Angelic powers were vastly reduced. Rogziel must now cope with something he never has before: free will.

Rogziel recently excised the demon possessing the President of the United States, but was ordered to stay on Earth to help humans deal with the many supernatural threats.


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