The Hammer

Hammer Wielding Knight - DRAGON Force


In his realm, the Hammer was an unknown wizard’s assistant hoping to one day become a wizard himself. Being the impressionable person he was, the assistant let the wizards perform magical experiments on him with great success, much to his relief. Because of the experimentation, he gained the ability to cheat father and become ageless.

One day, the assistant was wearing a newly created suit of magical armor, like a seamstresses dummy. It was called THE GOLIATH ARMOR. It was meant for a legendary hero of the realms, but somehow, during the enchantment process, the armor became attached to the wizard’s assistant instead. This armor was a once in a lifetime creation, a wizard’s masterpiece known to most as a magical artifact. The magical energies began to swirl and the armor began to adhere to the wizard’s assistant, giving him god-like strength and size. He could now fly faster than any dragon and was impenetrable by most means. When called forth from within the magical energies of the armor, his GOLIATH HAMMER strikes down any foe who dares engage in misdeeds.

His real name is now forgotten and kept a secret by the wizards who mistakenly created his new incarnation. He is now known forever more as The HAMMER.

The Hammer

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